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A massive big Thankyou to Walid and Sylvia ! Some great training and I would highly recommend these guys !

The training and information given by Sylvia has been fantastic. If something was done wrong I was told it was wrong and why and did the road again to practice my mistake until we were both happy it had been done correctly. I was always fed the confidence I needed to go on and pass my test. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a new licence, they have the confidence, knowledge and patience to see you through.


Fantastic day with Dorset driving training, over the moon with my CPC result, thanks to Walid

Passed with 100% cpc thanks Walid


Good training made it easy to pass the cpc with good understanding thanks

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of obtaining my C1 license with Dorset driver training. Coming from driving nothing bigger than a car to a 7.5 ton truck is under a week is an amazing achievement for myself and I don’t think I would have been able to do it if it weren’t for the teaching style and structure offered by Dorset driver training. If you are looking for a company to not only get you a pass first time but to learn with a knowledgeable instructor who keeps you calm and is happy to have a laugh, look no further than Dorset driver training.


After passing my test I can say that Walids teaching style was just what I needed. Walid was flexible with bookings lessons and was able to secure me a test earlier than I expected with amazing communication. Being a more mature driver I had some bad driving habits but Walid really helped me to change my driving to what would be expected on test. I feel confident enough to take my caravan away and with the voice notes and videos that Walid gives as part of his teaching, I feel that I have all I need if I even feel like I need a reminder. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dorset driver training..

Thank you Walid and Dorset Driver Training for all your expert skills and training.


Just want to say thanks for helping me pass my CPC. Your training is, as always very professional.

Had a 3 day course with Walid then followed by C1 test, passed very easily !
Extremely knowledgable and helpful and hope to take more tests in the future with them, amazing value for money



My driving experience with Dorset Driving training has been brilliant. I was very nervous to begin. But with there skills and there way to make you feel comfortable and less neverous works really well.
Everything from day one was explained clearly with no complications i,e paper work for medicals and revision work. They never hassle you, like other company’s or agentcies do. If any problems they would get back ASAP. They make sure all points and notes are all covered so you don’t look silly on the CPC, or the ‘show me tell me’ questions. When it came to practical, they was strict but very friendly, so strict in a good way which is what I needed. Every lesson was enjoyable and fun, there felt no presure what so ever thought out my course. The banter between both Walid and his wife-to-be (Sofia) is hilarious.
They have phrases that make you remember what you need to check whilst driving which for me helped me and not forget through out my driving experience.
They cover all mistakes that happen through out the courses, and keep going over the mistakes until they and myself was satisfied, if there satisfied they ask you, so that you feel comfortable and ready to move on.
Cleanliness, the vehicles are clean and tidy and road safety, everything’s clean. The distinction is on a farm so quite challenging to find at first, but it’s straight forward once you’ve been there and look at the map on the email they send you. I would recommend this company to go for your training with with out a doubt!.



Massive thank you to Walid for getting me through my b+e trailor test, thank you for a very professional and friendly service many thanks


Having booked the training and test last minute, Walid made time for me and has been very supportive during my intensive training and I can’t thank him enough. I initially struggled with the reversing S bend and Walid was extremely patient during the hours that I spent attempting it. He encouraged me during the on-road driving and gave me confidence, with many a joke. Never a dull moment.
Walid is very friendly but also very aware of any mistakes made that need to be corrected before test day. Slowing it down always helps.
Oh, and go to the toilet before you get there!

Walid is an exceptional teacher, he’s thorough, fair but firm and is fully responsible for my successful pass today with 0 driving minors. He’s very funny and great to be in a car with for every moment of his tuition.


Just passed my test and over the moon. Walid and Silvia were amazing throughout my training. I started the training on the Wednesday passed the following Monday after some intense hours at the wheel. I should add they were great at spotting when I needed a break. I may have their voices in my mind for the next few years when driving, but it was worth it. I personally did this to drive a motorhome with my kids in it, with the main aim to feel confident and safe enough to do it. I can honestly say I do and thats only thanks to their great training.

From the first email I sent to Dorset Driver Training. The communication has been excellent. The lessons are well priced. Walid is very supportive and has your best interests at heart. I have today passed my Class C and will definitely be doing my C plus E with Dorset Driver Training


Martin is a fantastic instructor and I like the whole set up you have over there. When I finish my driving career I will be applying with you.
CPC done
Look at this gun

-Brad the Muscles

100% pass
200% happy

Glad to say I passed and it’s all thanks to you guys, the training was very thorough and covered all that’s needed for the test! You were very full on with covering all angles, and very knowledgeable! I enjoyed the lessons with you and can see exactly why you dont send customers straight into there test, it was alot harder than I thought before I started the lessons with you! All the tricks you’ve obviously learned from being in the trade had worked! Thanks again. Dan


Walid is a genius. An amazing instructor who can and will adapt training to each individual. Throughout my training I was treated with respect and decency.
I would not just recommend Dorset Driver Training I would seriously question why use another school. All credit and thanks to the team.

100% Pass


Walid was a great person to work with, he taught me with professionalism but with a kind and humorous side too.
I’ve already recommended him to 2 of my friends,and I’ll be using Dorset Driver Training again in the future.

Three passes in one day – Who is the daddy?

A, C, D, E

Not just any letters

Licences to drive….everything from mini moto to Big and Chunky (that is an articulated lorry between you and me).

Through nerves and stress and ups and downs you helped me pull it through

You have given me a lifetime opportunity.

A very big thank you for everything.

We stick together now 🙂


I found the driving experience with Dorest driver training to be really successful and worthwhile from the very first minute. I noticed with every lesson I felt more confident in my ability and made good progress! Couldn’t recommend the friendly and welcoming staff more
Good work Walid thanks for the training
Training was good although 4 hours was a little bit long for me but you got the job done thank you


If you are thinking or any training do not look any further, I rang waild back in December 2019 for my c1 he advised me to take my my c license as it was only a small fee more. Training is perfect waild is relaxed and clear with his instructions. I have since done my cpc and today passed my C&E test with one minor it’s not a well done to me.. it’s a well done to waild and all at Dorset Driver Training LTD 

Great experience learning with Dorset driver training.
Learned everything I need to continue on with my future now towing
Many thanks for all your help Walid!


Great experience with Walid! He doesn’t miss a trick. He’s stern, but friendly and fair, with a heart of gold. Can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time under Walid’s instruction. Very happy customer 

100% Pass


Thank you for well structured and  informative refresher training. Atmosphere was pleasant and I have learned all I needed. Will recommend to everyone.

My experience with Walid and Dorset driver training has been enjoyable, practical and very comfortable.

Walid has a very relaxed and upbeat attitude to teaching and is more than happy to work thorough difficult tasks until you can do it in your sleep.

Passing my test with only 1 minor for me was amazing but wouldn’t have been achievable with out the commitment from Walid and his team.

A massive thank you and good luck for the future.

You never know I might be back for my truck licence.

Many thanks


Very good instructor, the lessons quickly assessed my abilities and shortfalls. To which we focused on those areas.
At points I thought you were being harsh with the criticism, but on review it was beneficial to me.
The proof is in the pudding and I passed, first time with 1 minor fault.
Very happy and would definitely recommend Dorset driver training to others.
– Jamie

“Walid was an excellent instructor, he gave me the time and confidence to practice at my own pace. The instructors quiet confident manner had allowed me to become a much better driver. I would highly recommend Dorset Driver Training”


“Would like to thank you for the support and training I’ve received from Dorset driver training they teach you everything you need to know and to a standard so you can pass it is then up to you to do the business! Very patient and friendly training thanks again”


“A1 training, excellent experience. Walid has the ability to find out what you’re lacking and hone in on what you need. Would highly recommend. A ☆☆☆☆”


“Excellent training with Walid. Really patient and pays great attention to detail. I would highly recommend anybody looking to start career in driving,  go to Dorset Driver training with Walid.”


“You go to school to learn ABC, with Dorset Driver Training I learned C, D and E. If you want statistics 4 x (4hr) lessons for each category, first time pass on every test, 3 tests in 12 weeks, from never driving a large vehicle in my life.

If there was a hall of fame for instructors Walid would be at the top, he has a unique style of coaching, it never felt like training but every day was.

The instruction is to a very high standard, no two days, roads or trainees are the same but the training delivers the required standard always.”


“Thank you Walid.”


“Passed my CPC first time with a 100% pass.   Thank you Walid for the training and preparation.   I felt very confident during the test.”


“Mr. Walid, There are many words that I could use to describe you but I’m gonna limit myself to two of them “Leading Teacher!” CPC exam was an experience more than an exam thanks to your skills of training and preparing me for it. Thank you.”


“Walid has taught me an awful lot during our time together. The demonstrations speak a 1000 words. Walid never rushed me and let me use all the time (and clutch) that I needed to practice my reversing. I would advise anyone getting the B&E license be patient and Walid will get you over the line. Always remember MSM!! Thank you Walid.”


“Great prices, great trainer. Firm but fair. Would highly recommend.”


“Thank you for the driving experience and your wise words of help, advice and guidance. You have a way of teaching that is always positive and encouraging and not negative or critical. Your calm yet professional approach is an example of how all teachers should be.”

-Christopher Spence

“I met with Walid last year with regards to a mini bus licence, options and ideas of driving trucks and coaches were mentioned. To be honest when I returned home the thought of driving a truck/coach freaked me out and I’ve spent the next few months scared to drive anything that size. I have only ever driven Fiesta sized cars and I’m the shortest of people, so anything bigger than a Focus is seriously above my comfort zone.
New year, New me, so I have battled my fear and finally stepped foot in a bus. What on earth was I afraid of? I drove a bus, oh geez, yes I cried, yes I was worried, but Walid was so good, we laughed, we chatted, and I succeeded… Now I’m starting my theory, so watch this space. Thank you for your help Walid.”

-Vicky Spence

“I rang Dorset Driver Training as I had just bought a 7.5ton horsebox and whilst I had grandfather rights to drive it, I’d never actually driven a lorry before and really wanted a familiarisation lesson. Walid couldn’t have been more helpful and I went out with him for a few hours training. I was really nervous initially and almost had a meltdown, but was made to feel so comfortable to take my time and have a break anytime which resulted in my confidence coming through and by the end I honestly really enjoyed it! Learnt so much, and would really recommend to anyone in my position. So glad I did it and grateful to Walid who is a brilliant tutor, shares so much knowledge and instills confidence. I’ll be back for my HGV later this year.”


“Teaching me driving a truck was piece of cake but teaching me to pass the test took patience and skill. I was lucky enough to find both at Dorset Driver training where with those two qualities and the experience of Walid as a instructor I successfully passed both theory and practical test for category C. I do intend to follow on with C+E and later on D as long as my finance will allow it. All in all very pleased with the service and the experience.”

-Calin Rusu

“Passed my C1 driving test with one minor after 4 very enjoyable lessons with Walid, he has a very relaxing teaching style that made learning for me much easier, he was very serious when he needed to be but with a sense of humour that I shall not forget! Very helpful whilst giving advise on the phone in my initial enquiries too, overall very pleased to have chose dorset driver training and I would highly reccomend Walid as an instructor, excellent experience all round.”


“I would like to thank Walid of Dorset Driver Training for the fantastic  tuition for me to pass my class 1 test with no faults, I would highly recommend Dorset Driver Training for all the licenses you need from mini bus to hgv class 1. A*  Training well priced and professional given.”


“Standing on your head not so easy!
Passing your second CPC with 100% mark after training with Walid at Dorset Driver training, much easier!!
An easy, in-depth learning experience, highly recommended star.”


“First time pass again !! Having initially passed my Cat D test first time due to the high standard of instruction from Walid it was a no brainier to choose Dorset Driver Training again for my Cat C (HGV CLASS 2).

With the same high quality tuition it has taken just 4 lessons to again achieve this result, Walid again provided instruction and he did so to the highest of standards, prior to every lesson we discuss the training for that day and following the lesson we had a full debrief.
Behind the tuition is meticulous planning, always the professional Walid gains an insight into his students and their requirements, he is a tenacious individual who makes you feel at ease with driving large vehicles in a way that becomes second nature.
You may have called the rest but you haven’t yet called the best until you speak to Dorset Driver Training.


“Highly recommend Walid from Dorset Driver Training!! He listened to what I wanted advised me not to book too many lessons as he wanted to assess me.. once he did, I was told don’t waste my money on more lessons. Passed first time with 12 hours training. I will be back for my C+E”


“Dorset Driver Training helped me gain a first time pass on my LGV C class licence. I attribute this to the fact I felt really well prepared and relaxed. Walid was firm but fair in his training style which really helped me avoid the silly mistakes I made during early training. Walid is friendly and amenable, give him a call.”


“Dorset Driver Training… what can I say ?  Well if you’re looking for a training company to get you through your test, Walid is your man. A very professional, informative yet friendly and relaxed company is probably the best way to describe them. I was trained to a very high standard which meant when it came to the test I was over prepared which was exactly what I was looking for. Walid trained me how to drive a HGV for all situations and not just to pass my test. I cannot thank Dorset driver training enough and I will be booking my C+E with them when my licence returns. A massive thank you once again!”

-Steve, Weymouth

“CPC success with Dorset Driver training .

After receiving a high standard of driving instruction with a successful pass from DDT it was a no brainer to utilise the CPC training offered and it did not disappoint.
The 1-2-1 training offered delivered the 100% pass mark that I achieved. My instructor was prolific, tenacious and determined with the training offered to make sure I had the knowledge and understanding to make the grade.
Yet again it’s personal achievement before profit that makes Dorset Driver training the first and only place candidates should consider for training and a successful career in the transport industry.”


“I would like to thank you for help and support preparing for the exams. I would definitely recommend Dorset Driver Training for others seeking success in their exams. Thank you very much Walid.”


“Thank you very much Walid for your training and support, today I passed my CPC module 4 first time with 💯”


“Dorset Driver training, I would highly recommend, competitively priced, high quality and focused on you and not your wallet. From the moment I made contact I was instantly put at ease and all my questions were answered regarding training for Cat D (Bus / Coach). Walid, my instructor, delivered easy to follow, clear, high standard driver training from Day one. I was filled with confidence from this that I could progress through any situation that may arise whilst out on the road. After every lesson a debrief followed and I was also invited to discuss any concerns I may have had too. After 5 lessons I was ready for test and I passed first time, I can honestly say it is through the way I was trained that produced the standard required to pass. You really don’t need to look anywhere else!!”


‘Thanks very much Walid for your professional and friendly tuition. D1 passed first time. Many Thanks.’


‘Thank you to Walid for helping me pass my category D bus test. I have found Dorset Driver Training a friendly and helpful training company to use and would recommend them to anyone.’


‘Just passed after only 2 lessons, Many thanks to Walid for great instructing he was very helpful and understanding, Highly recommended.’

-Jack Sanders


‘Thank you for all of your help and instruction. It has been an amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone.’


‘Module 4 training was excellent and I can’t thank you enough for the tuition and the support getting through the tests.’


‘Walid, all I can say to you my friend is thank you very much. You have been awesome.’



‘Thank you for your excellent training and thank you all for the opportunity and support.’


CPC mod 4 passed 100%! Walid has a great way of getting you through the tests. I’ve been with him from day 1 and can’t recommend him enough he’s top class!

-Shaun West

‘Best teacher ever Walid well done 👍🏻 No mistake on the test because He have told me everything what you need to know is no tips just have to do this with Walid. If you need training only with Dorset driving. Time what I spend with Walid is the best time ever. Thank you so munch’


Walid is an efficient and effective instructor whilst keeping things relaxed and having a laugh. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Dorset Driver Training and learned a lot.

-Mike C1

‘Walid is a calm and patient instructor, I would recommend Dorset driver training to anyone who wants to learn to drive any class vehicle.’

-Steve, C1

I have just passed my class 2 driving test, with Dorset Driver Training. I fully recommend them for any driver training, I am not the easiest to teach but Walid taught me very well in only 4 lessons. His truck is a nice drive and well maintained. I felt well prepared for my test. I will be doing my C+E and CPC soon.


‘Amazing quality service for better value than others.

I would definitely recommend Walid to those who want to learn to drive.’


C1 Licence



‘Thank you, with your help  I was able to reach my goal of passing my c1 test. Quick response to messages helped in booking test slots and also being flexible and letting me use the van was a massive help.  I can now drive my camper-van! Thanks again.’


‘Hello I am James and glad to say I passed my c1 test with Dorset Driver Training and thank you to Walid the instructor who was amazing could not of asked for more from him.’


Walid is amazing as trainer and as a person as well . I learned lots of things in such a short time with him . He helped me a lot to pass my CPC module 4 and my practical test . I do recommend Walid and Dorset Driver Training with all my heart.



Dan – Car and Trailer

“Thank you so much Walid for being an excellent instructor for my car and trailer test. I contacted Walid a week before my test to book 9 hours of lessons and the test itself. Walid went out of his way to ensure that I was booked onto a test location that was most convenient for me. I had some experience of towing a small trailer, but Walid taught me many things that I did not know previously. I certainly could not have passed in such a short space of time without the excellent tuition I received. I couldn’t recommend Dorset Driver Training enough. Thank you!”

“Just Passed my Driver CPC with Dorset Driver Training first time. The whole experience from start to finish was great and Walid was more than accommodating. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that requires any kind of driving instruction.”

“I lost hope and confidence and walid gave back to me,  thank you Walid for being my instructor. 🙏🏽”

– Anas

“Passed my cat c today, on my second attempt, my fist attempt was with a different school, didn’t go very well for me, so I got in touch with walid, he made a massive difference for me, he gave me the confidence to pass, I can’t thank him enough. Top instructor.”

– Mark

“Did my class C test with Dorset Driver Training. Walid helped this novice pass his test and now look at the huge truck I can drive. Again thanks to Walid who got me registered with a local agency who only took a couple of days to get me a placement which looks like it could lead to a permanent job. Thanks,”

– Jeff Perez


Don’t lose concentration, taken easy and win. Thank you for the training.

The test was comfortable and enjoyable like a chitchat

Regards to Mr walid and Dorset Driver Training school. I would like to say that this is a really good training school and that he’s a brilliant instructor. Very professional but also a very good man who’s always up for a joke…I’ve just passed my LGV class 2 license with this training school and I’m absolutely over the moon…I would recommend this gentleman to anyone that’s thinking of doing their hgv class 2 or class 1 or even pcv licenses…once again I would like to thank you Mr Walid for all effort you have put towards me getting my license done…I will certainly come back to do my hgv class 1 licensed…best of luck and continue to be the brilliant instructor and person that you are now!

“I passed my Class 1 first time today, Over the last month I’ve done three tests with Walid and have been extremely happy with all the training and would highly recommend him to anybody else.”

– Josh Thornley

Extremely great company with a no nonsense approach! Walid is great and got me through first time for my class C. Will recommend to anyone. Many thanks.

“Walid it has been a pleasure, the driving instruction was first-rate, and the free Arabic lessons equally as good. From first to last a fun experience, and the teaching has enabled me to pass with minimal stress. Thank you Leo”

– Leo

Well from my 35 years of driving I assumed I knew everything. What a shock! Walid somehow managed to hone my skills to turn me into a safe professional driver. He is firm but fair which at first might seem a bit harsh. But boy did I need it and Walid provided that guidance with professionalism and humour.

He recommended five lessons, I thought that a bit much isn’t it? But when I first sat in that truck on the A31 ready to take over. I thought OMG thank god I booked five!

“Thank you for getting me through my LGV Driving Test, The lessons were given in a way that made everything easier to understand, your patience and your knowledge is invaluable, you made me feel at ease while I was driving. It has been a pleasure being tutored by you. I would recommend to anyone who wants to pass their LGV or HGV tests to go to Dorset Driver Training. Again many thanks. Darren”

– Darren Hearn

One of our successful candidates, Daniel, made it through our training and we helped him find a job where he can use it. We are extremely proud of you Daniel, have a safe career.

– Walid, Dorset Driver Training

“What an awesome day, passed the trailer test thanks to Walid and the team! Steer Fast Drive Slow got me through!!!!!”

“I’d like to say a massive thanks to Walid for helping me through my Bus test. I have enjoyed the training immensely and I would highly recommend him to anybody else.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Walid, he’s a great instructor and made learning to drive the truck fun and enjoyable. I passed with a clean sheet 0 faults, couldn’t be happier!”

“Good instructor well recommended.”

“I will recommend Dorset Driver training …I will be back for my c-e. Professional and friendly”

“I needed to take my trailer test so I would be able to tow a horse box. After calling around many different companies and not getting anywhere, I spoke to Walid. He asked me what I wanted and what I could realistically afford, as well as when it would be convenient for me. I felt at ease straight away and never felt uncomfortable even when I messed up. He is a very patient instructor who explains everything in whatever way you can understand, and will not end a session until you feel comfortable. I 100% recommend this service and will definitely come again when I go on to doing my HGV.”

“I just finished a 20 hour C1 course and test with Walid. And PASSED! With far fewer minors than when I did my regular driving test many moons ago. Walid worked hard to iron out my old bad habits and teach me a new skill set. While I was nervous going into the training, Walid made it friendly and accessible. Thank you.”

– Phillip Waterman

“Definitely the best training experience I have ever had. The whole course was explained in an easy to understand way.”

– Hamish Goddard

“After just one days Training I passed my trailer test with only two minors.. this is simply thanks to the excellent and highly skilled services I received. The training was so well put together and delivered I found it very easy to gain the necessary skills. A massive thank you.”

– Stephen

Passed CPC!

“Pass with 2 minor’s. Thanks Walid for putting ‘all the tools in my box’ to help me pass my CAT C License.”

– Jack

“Brilliant and patient instructor, also firm but fair. Would recommend him to other people through the navy. Thanks”

– Jack

“I recommend Walid to do any driving training… I’m glad I chose him to do my training, I don’t think another person would of spent the weekend, Saturday and Sunday extra to make sure I passed! Thanks again”

“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for teaching me how to drive and make me happy and my family as well. Thank you”

– Daniel

“Thank you Walid, you’ve done a lot for me. Due to the way you teach I would suggest to anybody to take training with you. Thank you once again.”

“1st time pass. Thank you Walid. Thank you for helping me and my wife to a new life in Belgium. Many thanks”

– Pat

“CPC – 100 pass rate, 0 faults”

– Ryan

“Many thanks, 1st time pass C+E! You will not fail if you listen to what he says, he is always right! Passed both C and C+E first time, also CPC first time. Many thanks”

– Ryan

“1st time pass ! Many thanks for all the earbending and headaches. It all payed off in the end. Thank you again”

– Pat

Awesome. Thanks Walid it’s been the best decision. I knew that day one. Never mind the result I’ve also made a friend. Perfect job, great teaching skills, 1 minor 🙂 Nice Job.

– Nigel

Thanks very much for your clear, concise and no-hassle training helping me to achieve 100% on the CPC practical test for PSV! Really pleased to be able to get out on the road.

– Martin

A big thank you to the best instructor, being very patient with me but formal. First time pass, 3 minors. Very chilled instructor, very pleased with the result. Thank you !

– Ryan

  • Good organisation..
  • Punctual
  • Great explanation of manoeuvre back
  • High competence
  • Sometimes….let learner try finishing manoeuvre till the end
  • Thank you for good and bad critics

Thank you for a help in learning to drive c+e. Amazing!!

“Thank you so much! Not only did I pass first time but you have given me skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. I could not have done it without you. Cheers”

– Shaun

100% pass rate with 100% no minor faults

“Awesome! 1st attempt passed. You are so lucky to have good pupils 🙂 Great lessons. All the best”

– Jon

“Amazing! I passed! Thank you so much for your invested efforts! Bring on CAT C, let’s go!  ”

– Sam

“You have done a lot for me in the short time together. I have learnt a lot in the time we had together and your advice was spot on. Thank you for having faith in me. Thank you so much.”

– Gary

“You have given me the best opportunity in my career. Thankyou so much for my training and passing my test 1st time! You will never know how please I am. Once again thank you so much. ”

– Jack

“Just a quick note to say thank you for Saturday – most enjoyable and I have learnt a lot – feeling much more confident with the idea of driving our caravan now.”

– Nigel

“Thanks to all the staff at Dorset Driver Training for helping me pass my HGV test. Look forward to seeing you again to help me pass the next test!!!”

“The team were great! I’ve now got my HGV licence, and am on the road! I’ll be back for the CPC Training.”

– Simon White

“Thanks Dorset Driver Training. Great training and instructor, would definitely recommend to others.”

– Emily Cost

“After my first day going out on the road I thought there was no way I was going to pass! After a quiet word from my instructor I managed to calm down, gather my thoughts and concertrate and after a few adjustments, I was flying. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dorset Driver Training for all of their help and support because without them I wouldn’t have come out with a pass. Thank you so much, you made it easy. ”

– Adam Barker

“Excellent training and trainer. Worked on the faults and bad habits, clear instruction and truck and staff were supper. Test route was tricky and hard but once you mastered them, you are ready for any…”

– Mark

“Thanks to everyone at Dorset Driver Training for their great help and guidance. A very professional well run company with great results earned for me as I passed everything first time. Thank you Shawn for training…”

“Thank you Dorset Driver Training for your warm welcome to the centre. The training I’ve received was very professional and up to date. Special shout to Shawn for his top instructing and generosity.”

“Dorset Driver training, thank you so much for training and helping me to pass and get my HGV license. It was very different to what I thought and admittedly a bit scary at first but also funny. I am very grateful for the help and instructions. You have been great. Thank you so much”

– Malin Storey

“Dorset Driver Training were great! They made the time for me on 3 Saturdays so that I could try and pass, which I am beyond grateful ! Thank you again and I wish you the best of luck.”

– Evelyn

“Lots of love to Dorset Driver Training. Brilliant training. Excellent communication. Every day made me more and more confident. Defo would recommend. Lots of love you guys !!”

“Dorset Driver Training, thankyou so much for all your help and all the time you have been there for me. Thank you.”

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